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About Us


What our customers are saying:

“It’s nice that we can coordinate and look fashionable while being comfortable. It’s a little mommy and daughter bonding that I never knew would bring her such great joy!” – Elizabeth from California

“I am so impressed with your designs! Everything from the personal note to your gorgeous dresses to the must have headband. I am also blown away by your credentials as entrepreneurs and as designers.” – Tera from Vancouver, Canada.

“Love the dresses, thank you so much. I will definitely order more in the future. And keep helping people the way you helped me, I wish there were more businesses out there that would do the same!” – Faye from North Carolina.

Teodorina Lessidrenska
Co-Owner and Advisor on Sustainable Product Development
Teddy has worked for the last 20 years teaching and coaching international organizations, companies and non-profits how to do socially and environmentally responsible business. Her personal journey as a woman-entrepreneur started in 1994 when she arrived in Sonoma, California with about 100 words of English and a suitcase full of samples of her favorite crafted clothes and sweaters made by women. She taught herself English by watching films, listening to the radio, reading books and working with young children. All the while, she nurtured her dream of promoting the crafted products of women from her home in Bulgaria. Fate intervened, however, helped no doubt by her PhD in Chemical Engineering and Environmental Management, and she was soon swept away on an exciting international career. She travelled the world working as a sustainability expert, entrepreneur, trainer, speaker/lecturer, researcher, and technical advisor. With The Matching Dots, she can finally realize her dream of running her own business, and put to work the sustainability concepts she helped to develop, along with her passion for elegant comfortable design. The Matching Dots strives to bring together and connect mothers, daughters and girl-friends of all ages into one vibrant community that wants to live life fully, play, love, laugh and contribute to a better world for our children!
Augusta Justen
Creative Director, Collection Designer & Co-Founder
Augusta studied business management in college. After graduating she worked for the IRS of Brazil, but decided her heart was really not in numbers. Her passion had always been fashion! So she packed her bags and moved to Milan, Italy to study Fashion Design and Pattern Making at two of the most famous schools in the world. She then moved to London to work with top designer Daniella Helayel at Issa London. Daniella has dressed celebrities such as Eva Mendes, Beyoncé and Madonna, and she designed the dress that the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, wore to her engagement party. After London, Augusta continued her design work with Pedro Lourenço in Brazil. In 2012 Augusta got engaged and moved to the outskirts of Portland, Oregon, where she currently resides. She was excited to start a new life in a whole new place, and felt that it was the perfect time to start her own fashion line with one of her best friends, Fe Read. That is when The Matching Dots was born! In 2015 the two friends decided to sell the company to focus on their families, but Augusta continued to design for the TMD collections. Soon, she and her husband welcomed the arrival of their first son, Owen. It has been challenging and rewarding to be a mom while still contributing to The Matching Dots as the head of the creative department!